Ankle & Standard Stabilizer

The OTC AFO braces provide excellent support and come in various forms.
The SOLO Stabilizer is an easy to apply, removable AFO designed for injuries and conditions of the foot and ankle. In many cases the SOLO Stabilizer can be used instead of a short leg cast resulting in better injury monitoring and quicker patient healing. The patient can remove it allowing for easier bathing and the ability to perform range of motion exercises which accelerates the rehabilitation process.

The SOLO Stabilizer (L4386/L4387)* is available in standard and ankle heights and 5 sizes: XS-XL.


  • Acute ankle pains
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Stable fractures
  • Post-operative use


  • Plastic molded uprights with steel reinforcement for increased durability
  • Contour strut design allows the walker to conform to the leg, ensuring a better fit
  • Shock absorbing insole reduces impact of heel strike when ambulating
  • Low profile, rocker bottom is designed to promote a natural gait
  • Wide foot bed is designed for increased comfort and stability
  • Lightweight construction

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Flexibility Weight Chart
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