SOLO Advance

SOLO Advance Steady Brace

The Advance Steady Brace is a lightweight, custom molded ankle brace that provides additional support. The functionally balanced AFO shell stabilizes the foot and ankle in order to improve balance and prevent falls.


  • Ankle instability, Ankle osteoarthritis, Peripheral neuropathy
  • Mild foot drop, Vestibular disease
  • Patient presenting fall risk, Difficulty walking

Features & Benefits

  • Soft interface, Velcro® straps, Lightweight
  • Easy application and removal
  • Can be worn with many styles of footwear

Standards & Options

  • 9” standard shell height with a 12” option available
  • 3mm polypropylene standard shell with more rigid and more flexible options available
  • Plastizote lined diabetic option available


  • Casting is required. STS MidLeg Sock is the suggested cast height in most cases
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