Pre-Molded Orthotics


Redi-Thotics is SOLO's revolutionary line of pre-molded insoles that addresses lower extremity pain. This pre-molded insole focuses not only on comfort, but on the problem of improper mechanics during gait cycle and over-pronation.

The Redi-Thotics line has a unique focus on the gait cycle, which allows the specialized heel, arch, and force distribution materials to work as an integrated insole to better stabilize, support, and protect the foot. This integrated approach to correcting the gait cycle allows your patient to enjoy the benefits of a high-quality orthotic, with the comfort and convenience of a pre-molded insole.

The FRELONIC Ultimate Pre-Molded Orthotic is the culmination of many years of clinical experience and thousands of patient studies. A composite shell material provides a high level of support and stability. It is 50% thinner and is lighter in overall weight compared to traditional materials used in other orthotics.

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