Pre-Molded Orthotics

Child and Youth Pre-Molds

SOLO's Child and Youth Pre-Molds are designed with every little one in mind, beginning with their very "first steps." The 3/32" polypropylene shell is extremely durable. It provides the highest level of comfort and control. It will help the growing foot develop in a more accurately functioning position.

SOLO's pre-molded sizes for children come in two distinct styles:

  • Child sizes for younger children incorporate medial and lateral flanges and a deep heel cup to provide maximum control. Sizes C-2 through C-13.
  • Youth sizes feature a slightly lower heel cup and medial flange only, to promote proper range of motion through the gait cycle, and are available with an optional 1/16" padded top cover. Sizes Y-1 through Y-4.

Gait Extensions

Available only in children's sizes, greatly reduce in toeing or out toeing and promote correct foot function during gait.


3/32" Polypropylene.

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