Do You Prescribe Custom Orthotics or AFOs?

It seems like a simple question, yet many patients are looking for practitioners in their area who prescribe custom orthotics and AFOs including Richie Braces.

Why don’t they go directly to a podiatrist, orthopedic surgeon, or physical therapist for their custom orthotics or AFOs? In many cases, they’re new to the area, or they have a well-worn pair of custom orthotics that need to be refurbished or replaced and don’t know a local provider who deals with SOLO. Our Find-A-Doctor program matches patients to doctors in their geography who we know prescribe custom orthotics or AFOs.

Dr. Erin Kutvoelgyi, Professional Podiatry in Kennett Square, PA recently received a referral from SOLO and shared her experience with us:

“SOLO referred a patient directly to me for new orthotics. I was amazed to find that they could direct patients to my office. It turned out to be a good visit for a new patient and a new pair of custom orthotics. The patient was very pleased. SOLO provided direct feedback from the patient regarding her visit and her orthotics. This is a wonderful service that I didn’t even know existed.”

Our Find-A-Doctor program is available to SOLO customers who are prescribed custom orthotics, or AFOs including Richie Braces. We provide the name of two practitioners in the requested geographic area and encourage patients to allow the provider to contact them directly to make scheduling easier and increase the likelihood of a successful referral.

What can you do to be included in the program?

If you prescribe orthotics, you’re automatically included in the program. If prescribing AFOs including Richie Braces, be sure SOLO knows you have an active DME license.   

Was It A Good Referral?

We want to be sure our referral is a good fit for both the physician and the patient. We solicit feedback from both the physician and the patient to be sure the referral met their needs. We share the patients’ feedback with the physicians, so they know how the patient felt about the visit.

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