Promotional Products Can Help You Promote Your Podiatry Practice

Ouch, that hurts! Whether your patient has an heel spur, Achilles injury, or is in need of custom orthotics or braces, your office should be the first call. Promotional items help your patients remember your practice.

Check your pocket, purse, or desk and you will almost certainly find a branded product. It may be a pen, a nail file, a notepad, calendar, pen holder, or a mug.  Nancy Barr from TSI Associates gives us tips on how to use promotional items in your practice.

Tip #1:  Know what you want to accomplish, your audience and your budget.

Awareness, generating new business, thanking loyal customer or referral sources are great reasons to use promotional items, but not every item fits the bill. Knowing your goal helps you find the best item for your practice. For example, you want to avoid paper calendars if your client base has smartphones.

Tip #2:  Include the right information on your item.

Every item has a different amount of space to include your branding. Consider this:

  • If your practice name is Anytown Podiatry and your website is, it may not be necessary to include a website. If it’s, include it.
  • Consider including the towns of your office locations. Offices in Fleetwood, Kutztown, Allentown and Reading.
  • Include the doctor’s names if they are not included in the practice name.
  • Use a phone number, especially if you deal with a mature demographic.
  • Tell the world your areas of specialization: custom orthotics, braces, and diabetic foot care.

Tip #3:  Write a plan to make your promotional item a workhorse in your practice.

Maximize your investment and spend a few moments to focus on marketing of your practice.  Here’s an example of what a plan might look like for the pen.

Our goal is to generate brand awareness of Anytown Podiatry with a branded pen.

  • Include a pen when mailing forms to new patients.  
  • At your office, place a pen on the clipboard when patients fill out their forms.
  • Keep a supply of pens accessible at the checkout area. Patients can use a pen to write a check, sign additional forms, or record the appointment date.  
  • Keep extra pens in the exam rooms for patients to take notes during the visit.
  • Send pens along with the doctors notes when you are thanking another physician for her referral.
  • Donate pens to local charity events for swag bags.
  • With permission, leave pens at the local community bank’s check writing table. Ask your barber or hair salon if you can leave them near the appointment cards.
  • Keep a supply in your purse or pocket for those “Does anyone have a pen?” moments.
  • Mail a pen with a short note to any client who provides positive feedback on social media.

It’s tempting to put the item in a closet for safekeeping. Resist the temptation. If you currently have items in your closet, take time to develop a plan and make your promotional items work as hard as you do.


Contact Nancy Barr at with your questions about using promotional items to promote your business.



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