Influencing the Workforce of the Future, Today.

The future workforce of SOLO Labs may have been in our building as part of the Berks Business Education Coalition (BBEC) Students Interacting with Business Program.

A Focus on Real World Experience

The program is based in Berks County, PA, and SOLO hosted students from Kutztown Area School District, Tulpehocken Area School District and Wilson School District. SOLO management team members provided a guided tour of our manufacturing plant. On the tour, students stopped at CAD. Trevor, a CAD technician, provided an indepth look at how we use technology as part of the manufacturing process. Stacy, a SOLO employee, gave students an overview of tasks that they would encounter as a new employee at SOLO.

The students also learned that in 1983, SOLO was founded by three Kutztown Area School District graduates and two still remain involved in the business today.

Members of SOLO’s leadership team shared insight into what traits make a good SOLO employee. From dependability toadapting  to change, these traits continue to be essential in the workforce of the next generation.

Real Life Examples

BBEC provides an opportunity for ninth and tenth grade students to learn about local business, understand the soft skills required in the workplace and future employment opportunities in Berks County. According to Solomon Lausch, executive director, BBEC, over 22,000 students have participated in this learning experience since its inception in 2012. “SOLO focused on two primary objectives: the culture of SOLO and opportunities for employments including the factors that SOLO values in a good employee,” noted Dr. Lausch. “As a first-year participant, SOLO nailed it.”

As the visit came to an end, SOLO invited students have a snack and continued to discuss how they can prepare for jobs of the future.  

Serve Others, Love Others means helping the next generation of students understand their value to others in the workplace.



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