Get to Know SOLO’s Jessica Marascio

How long have you worked at SOLO? Eight months

What’s the best part of your job?  Interacting with our customers and co-workers, and being able to learn something new every day

Tell us about your previous work experience. Before joining SOLO, I was a preschool teacher with over 15 years of experience. I created and carried out lesson plans for children ages 3-5, interacted daily with parents/caregivers, and made preschool a fun and safe learning environment for the kiddos.

Tell us about your family. My family consists of my husband, Dan, who I’ve been married to for 10 years, and we have two adorable, crazy boys: Hunter, 8 and Logan,6.

What are your best tips for scanning with viSo?    

  1. Take your time! It takes about 15-30 seconds to complete the scan but slowing down and spending a few more seconds scanning will make a huge difference.
  2. You can check if your scan is good just by zooming in on the foot after you scan. If you’re still not sure, give us a call before your patient leaves. We would be happy to check on the scan for you.
  3. If you ever have ANY questions about viSo, please don’t hesitate to call.

What is your dream vacation destination and why? I would love to travel to Alaska and see the Northern Lights, and all that Alaska has to offer. Yes it will be freezing cold but I’m sure the sights will make up for it.

Who is the person you would like to see in concert?  LOVE all kinds of music, new and old, but I would love to see PINK and Justin Timberlake in concert.

What is your favorite movie?  My all time favorite movie is 50 First Dates! I will watch it every single time it comes on.

What is your idea of a great day off of work?  My idea of a great day off of work would be sleeping in followed by a day of pampering and maybe, shopping!

Three fun facts about Jessica:

  1. I make wooden signs. I sand them down, hand paint the quotes, and mostly give them as presents.
  2. I sing….a lot. Especially in the office. Most of the time off-key but it’s just to make my co-workers laugh and relieves stress.
  3. I love long road trips! I love the adventure of exploring/seeing something new to me, which is why we will always drive anywhere we go.

Jaimyn Sokol Westenhoefer, President, says:
“Customers appreciate Jess because she is patient and understanding. She helps them feel confident and comfortable using the scanning technology. She enjoys her job and it shows.”

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