Get to Know our Business Development Specialist

He gets it. He lives an active and healthy lifestyle. Ryan Kipp, business development specialist for SOLO Labs, is one of the newest members of the SOLO team. It’s challenging to pin him down since he’s always on the go. Most days, you’ll find him in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states helping SOLO customers get the maximum value from SOLO. 

The Allentown, Pennsylvania, native’s career has been centered around podiatry and sharing knowledge with others. The early days of his career were spent raising funds for podiatry students to get a better education about biomechanics at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine. “I learned about how important biomechanics and gait analysis were to good patient care,” said Kipp.  

The next phase of his career was gaining hands-on experience at the office of Dr. Raymond Fritz, Jr. at Allentown Family Foot Care. Ryan was responsible for casting patients for custom AFO and fitting patients for diabetic shoes. “I enjoyed working with a team of five physicians and being part of a team that helped patients regain mobility.” His experience working in a fast-paced podiatry office makes him eager to help others. “Offices are busy. So I invest my time listening to their problems and concerns and then come up with solutions help to make the practice more efficient.”  

If you haven’t spoken to Ryan in person or on the phone, you’ll find him eager to answer your questions about custom orthotics, AFOs, casting and scanning. He understands how important it is to keep patients active and mobile. This summer you’ll find him on a Jet Ski® at Beltzville Lake or training for an upcoming marathon. In winter, his passion for skiing takes him to the slopes of Breckenridge and Keystone. 

As he pursues his pedorthic certification, he has a keen understanding of the importance of overall health. As a self-proclaimed cooking and grilling aficionado, Ryan enjoys whipping up nutritious dishes that promote good health. “My father was diabetic, and I know how important diet and exercise play in our overall health,” he added. 

We’re delighted that Ryan shares his knowledge and passion for good foot health with our clients. Contact Ryan at with your questions about SOLO’s products and services. His goal is to make your job easier.

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