Get To Know Trevor Bittner

This month’s Employee Spotlight is Trevor Bittner. Trevor has worked at SOLO for over 12 years.  Serve Others, Love Others has a unique meaning for this decorated veteran who served our country in both the Navy, Army and Navy Reserves.

On a vacation admiring the sunset.

Current role at SOLO: CAD
What is the best thing about working at SOLO? Flexible schedule.
Family: My wife, Ashley and daughter, Carolyn. I have a cat named Sasha and a dog named Cooper.


What is your favorite food? Probably anything smoked!
What is your favorite color? Green
What is your dream vacation, and why? Road trip across the United States. So many places to see!

What is your hobby? How did you get started in this hobby? Hunting. I was taught by my dad!
If you were locked in your house for one week, what five things must you have? Electric, internet, phone, charging cord, and toilet.
What is a household chore you enjoy doing? HAHAHA
What is your favorite season, and why? Fall. Hoodies, blue jeans, and campfires. What else is there?




“Trevor’s years of skillfully hand grinding orthotics has translated into a thorough understanding of how virtual orthotics should look when corrected in CAD. We are quite fortunate and grateful to have him at SOLO!”

– Jon Naugle, Director of Operations

Trevor being a good sport in the Dunk Tank.

Proudly Serving Others

We asked Trevor to share his unique experience in the United States Armed Forces.   I am a veteran with 12 years of service. My military career started in 1996. My first tour in the Navy lasted four years until September 2000. During that enlistment, I was attached to the Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier battle group. I went to fun places like Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Nassau, Bahamas, and I also had to serve in not-so-fun places like Bahrain, located in the Persian Gulf. In total, I spent about 22 of my first 48 months deployed with the Navy.

After 9/11, I decided to rejoin the military, only this time with the Army, where I served until 2005. In the Army, my jobs included Air Defense Artillery and team leader for a Stinger Missile firing squad for both a shoulder-mounted stinger and a Humvee-mounted stinger firing system. I was fortunate enough to see less action than most other divisions around me.  

In 2012, I rejoined the Navy as a Reservist and was stationed in Allentown, PA, where I hoped to finish out a career and retire. I spent most of my time in Norfolk, VA, for training on an annual basis. I was the training officer for my division in the reserves and was in charge of training my command the Run, Hide, Fight method of surviving a terrorist attack, and close quarter combat training. I resigned from my position in 2017. The stresses of being away from home at times were growing on my family. I learned a lot about myself, who I was, and what I was capable of doing while in the military. It was an experience I wouldn’t give up and would do it all over again if called upon.

I received a Navy Achievement Medal for the training I provided. I earned a total of eight medals and awards during my time of service. I am proud of every medal.



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