• I is for Insoles

    I is for Insoles

    Foot fatigue and painful feet don’t have to be a fact of life.  Custom insoles can be your first step to reducing or resolving your foot pain. SOLO Labs has been manufacturing custom orthotics since 1985. Available only with a prescription from a licensed…

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  • H is for Heel Cups and Heel Pads

    H is for Heel Cups and Heel Pads

    When it comes to heels, it’s all about options. Heel Cups   More than just comfort, cushioning, and shock absorption, heel cups play a vital role in correcting foot posture and improving gait. A deeper heel cup in your custom orthotic can help control inversion…

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  • G is for Gait Plates

    G is for Gait Plates

    Correcting the gait of your youngest patients is important to their development. Custom orthotics such as gait plates provide a non-surgical option that offers easy compliance for the patient (and parents, too). Gait plates are available as medial or lateral…

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