I is for Insoles

Foot fatigue and painful feet don’t have to be a fact of life.  Custom insoles can be your first step to reducing or resolving your foot pain.

SOLO Labs has been manufacturing custom orthotics since 1985. Available only with a prescription from a licensed medical professional, SOLO Labs’ custom orthotics provide support, correction, and accommodation for both simple and complex medical conditions.

Relief without a prescription.

SOLO Labs has taken our experience manufacturing over 1 million pairs of custom orthotics and developed SOLO GO® custom insoles to addresses the most common cause of foot fatigue and discomfort. For many, custom insoles will provide relief for foot fatigue and discomfort. What makes SOLO GO custom insoles unique is that we require an image of your foot. We use that image to create custom insoles for your foot, not your shoe size. This provides the best fit and maximum comfort.

Get Relief or We’ll Refund Your Money

While the majority of people will get relief, some may not. That’s why we offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee. If SOLO GO custom insoles don’t give you the relief from tired and sore feet, return them for a full refund. That’s great, but you still have foot pain? Using SOLO Labs’ Find-A-Doctor feature, we’ll help you locate a podiatrist in your area who can evaluate your feet and provide suggestions to give you relief.

Call  today at 800-765-6522 and take the first step toward better foot health.   

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