• Z is for Zebra-Print Private Label Top Covers

    Z is for Zebra-Print Private Label Top Covers

    Ok, we really don’t offer zebra print top covers – but we could, if you requested it. Whether you like zebra print, camo, pink glitter or nearly any color you can imagine, we can order that for you as your personal, custom top cover. Custom top covers are…

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  • X is for X-STATIC

    X is for X-STATIC

    “Would you like a breath mint?”  You grab it and wonder if your friend was just sharing or suggesting you needed a breath mint. Pop the mint in your mouth and the problem (if there was one) is gone.    But when it comes to foot odor, the solution is a…

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  • W is for Wedge

    W is for Wedge

    Sometimes a varus or valgus rearfoot post isn’t enough for your custom orthotic.  When your patient needs more stability, a wedge may help. A medial or lateral wedge is placed from the heel extending the entire length of the shell. The wedge is skived either…

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