Richie AeroSpring

Richie Plantar Fascia Offloading System™ : Reducing Mechanical Strain in Three Areas

This custom carbon-fiber, AFO minimizes the mechanical strain on the plantar fascia during standing and walking. The custom balanced orthotic footbed contours to the medial and lateral longitudinal arches. The patented Richie Arch Lock off loads the medial-central band of the plantar fascia. It’s a lightweight alternative to traditional walking boots.

Why choose the Richie Plantar Fascia Offloading System?

You avoid the pitfalls of traditional walking boots and walking braces by:

  • eliminating limb length discrepancy
  • reducing knee pain
  • decreasing bulk
  • avoiding non-compliance due to driving

Indications for the Richie Plantar Fascia Offloading System

  • Plantar heel pain syndrome that is unresponsive to traditional orthotic treatment
  • Diabetics
  • Sports injuries in active patients
  • Neurologically impaired patients
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