Richie Braces

The Little Richie

The Little Richie is an alternative to traditional AFO therapy for pediatric patients. Modeled after the successful Richie Brace for adults, the Little Richie Brace combines a custom balanced functional foot orthotic with a semi-rigid ankle brace.

Richie Braces provide the support you need for any of your lower body injuries and discomforts. Search the selection for the right fit for you.


For children age 1 to age 12.

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Talipes (equino varus, calcaneal valgus)
  • Tarsal coalition


  • Intrinsic control of midtarsal and subtalar joints
  • Transverse and frontal plane control of the foot
  • Pure sagittal plane ankle movement
  • Low bulk, sports style brace
  • Non-medical sports appearance
  • Versatile clinical applications
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