Why SOLO for scanning?

Why use the SOLO iTOM-CAT scanner for orthotics and AFOs?

● SOLO owner and Director of Research and Development, Nathan Yoder, developed the software for the TOM-CAT and iTOM-CAT scanning systems.

● Nathan also developed the corrections software, an important component in ensuring the perfect fit for your patient.

● A proven track record with scanning for over 10 years. More than 40% of SOLO's orders come from scans.

● SOLO developed iTOM-CAT  scanning technology that other labs are using.

● Scanning for selected Richie Braces available including Richie Brace Standard ®, Dynamic Assist ®, Arch Suspender ® and Restricted Hinge Brace.

I rely on the precision and accuracy of the iTOM-CAT for the scanning of my patients.  It's easy and it saves time, too.

Maureen Kaljeskie, C.Ped, Certified Pedorthist, North Syracuse, NY

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