The foot scanning revolution started at SOLO. As the developer of the original TOM-CAT ® scanner, SOLO removed the mess and the hassle of traditional plaster or fiberglass casting techniques for custom orthotics.

The TOM-CAT scanner revolutionized the podiatry industry by providing a faster and more cost effective alternative to casting or foam boxes. Taking just a few seconds to scan your patient's foot, you and your staff send the scan directly to our office. No shipping costs to get your scan to SOLO and no time wasted to package or ship.

This affordable and easy-to- use, scanner was the pioneer of foot scanning. SOLO continues provides full support of existing TOM-CAT scanners. Today, the iTOM-CAT is the newest generation of foot scanning for orthotics and AFOs.

Did you know TOM-CAT is an acronym that stands for Total Orthotic Measurement via Computer Aided Topography.?

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