solo motion

Custom Orthotics Provided with More Efficiency, Accuracy, and Patient Acceptance.

SOLO was the first laboratory to offer affordable foot scanning technology to the podiatry community and now is proud to offer an adjunct to their custom orthotics solutions with Digitsole® Pro, which captures objective data of the patient’s biomechanical movements while the patient is IN MOTION.

solo motion app

In less than 3 minutes, this easy-to-use and easy-to-implement app provides:

Visual confirmation of the assessment.

A report to show patients their unique need for orthotics.

Precise and supplemental data for insurers and referrers.

The Technology Powering SOLO Motion.

Using patented AI-powered algorithms and sensors, this innovative technology allows practitioners to assess movement objectively, not observationally, or with older, static methods. It is an affordable tool for walking and running gait analyses compared to high-cost laboratory-based equipment. The results of the dynamic assessments are used to support the orthotic build and streamline clinical decisions.

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