Insoles and Orthotics

Our intensively researched insoles and orthotics range from custom-made insoles designed specifically for your health needs, to basic padding, to pre-molded insoles that help correct your gait cycle and improve stabilization. There is an insole for every foot health need you may have.

SOLO Premier

SOLO Premier is our high-end orthotic line that targets specific issues such as plantar arch support, heel pain, and progressive foot disorders.

Our SOLO Premier line includes many types of custom orthotics such as Sport, which is designed for sports as well as everyday wear, and MaxiShock, which provides excellent shock absorption for maximum foot support.

Solo Accommodative

Our lightweight, total-contact accommodative orthotics are made with additional cushioning and support, and can be used to treat plantar fascilitis and painful calluses, prevent diabetic foot ulcers, improve foot circulation, and relieve foot, ankle, and heel pain. Clinical research studies have shown that foot orthotics decrease foot pain and improve function. 

Other Orthotics

We also have orthotics that target circulation and diabetic relief, basic foot comfort issues, as well as non-custom pre-molded insoles. Our pre-molded insoles relieve lower extremity pain, provide stabilization, and correct gait with the convenience of an insole.

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