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Wearing instructions for orthotics

We recommend you consult your podiatrist, physical therapist or chiropractor for specific instructions about wearing orthotics. Here are some general guidelines to help you adjust to your orthotics:

  1. Wear your new supports for one hour the first day and increase your wearing time by one hour each day.
  1. If you have severe or unbearable discomfort before you reach the maximum wearing time on any given day, remove the orthotics from your shoes.
  1. The following day wear them again, but but only for the amount of time you wore them the previous day (Or, follow your doctors instructions for your unique condition).
  1. Increase your time of subsequent days by ½ hour instead of the full hour. Continue this process as long as it remains comfortable.
  1. You should begin wearing your supports comfortably for most of the day within 2 to 4 weeks.
  1. It is not uncommon for some mild pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips and back in the early stages of wearing your orthotics. This is a result of the repositioning and realignment of your body.
  1. Most importantly, follow your doctor’s instructions.