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Braces from SOLO and Richie®

SOLO Labs offers both our own line of Advance Braces and braces from the trusted line of Richie Braces. SOLO’s viSo scanning technology makes it fast and easy to scan for all custom AFOs.


SOLO Advance Braces

Providing custom braces is a natural extension to our custom orthotics manufacturing. The Advance Braces address many challenging pathologies with a full line of AFOs to meet your needs.

Richie Braces

SOLO Labs is an authorized distributor of the Richie Brace line of braces. From OTC to the most sophisticated braces, the Richie line is a trusted name in the industry with a reputation for fit, comfort and with an easy application and removal.

Scan for AFOs with SOLO

SOLO is currently offering scanning with the viSo scanner app for all SOLO Advance Braces and the Richie Braces.