Yes, our functional orthotics can be made for the smallest feet.

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Children's Pre-molded Orthotics

SOLO’s Children’s pre-molded orthotics are designed for all your pediatric orthotic needs.  Our line includes Youth Pre-molded orthotics to meet the needs of growing feet.  From the smallest feet to the active toddler andpre-teen, these pre-molded insoles help the foot develop in a more accurate functioning position.

The 3D printed shell is extremely durable and provides the highest level of comfort and control in a children’s pre-molded orthotic. These pre-molds will help your pediatric patients growing feet develop in a more accurately functioning position.

Using 3D printing technology to create the pre-molded orthotic means your patients get a high-quality with each step.   Using PA-11 to create the children and youth pre-molded orthotics is environmentally friendly, too.

SOLO Youth Pre-Molds

SOLO Children's Pre-Molds

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