Custom Orthotics and Insoles

Our custom orthotics are designed specifically for your patient’s health needs and foot pathologies. From padding and arch reinforcement to cut outs and toe fillers, SOLO has been handcrafting custom orthotics since 1983.

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SOLO Premier

SOLO Premier is our custom-orthotic line that includes our functional, dress and limited-option orthotic. We custom manufacture each pair to your specifications whether your patient is a professional athlete or a hardworking tradesman. SOLO Limited, our limited-option custom orthotic includes the most common accommodations that is a budget-friendly option.

Relief Plus


Ideal for the sensitive diabetic foot, the SOLO Relief® and Relief+® custom orthotic is a code A5514 Medicare approved insert.

The Relief and Relief+ Custom Orthotic are indicated for Type I Diabetics and Type II Diabetics with pre-ulcerative calluses, poor circulation, diabetics ulcers, previous amputations or partial amputation of either foot.

Frelonic Ultimate Premolded insoles by SOLO Labs

Pre-molded Orthotics

Pre-molded orthotics play an important role in the treatment of common foot pathologies. Our pre-molded orthotics offer greater resistance to pronation, moderate heel cup support, superior shock absorption while reducing friction, heat and moisture.

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SOLO Accommodative

Our lightweight, total-contact accommodative orthotics are made with additional cushioning and support. Whether you use it to treat plantar fasciitis, painful calluses, prevent diabetic foot ulcers, improve foot circulation, or to relieve heel pain, clinical research studies have shown that foot orthotics decrease foot pain and improve function.