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Where can I buy custom orthotics?

We’re glad you asked. Custom orthotics are medical devices that are prescribed by a podiatrist, physical therapist, orthopaedic surgeon, and other health professionals. Insoles or orthotics that you can purchase online or in a store are not custom orthotics.  

SOLO works with healthcare professionals throughout the USA, so it is likely that a podiatrist close to you knows about us. If not, be sure to let your doctor know you would like to purchase custom orthotics made by SOLO.

How do I clean my custom orthotics?

Care may vary by the material on your orthotics. Always ask your prescribing podiatrist or other healthcare professional for recommendations based on the material.  For most SOLO orthotics, we recommend spot cleaning with cool water and mild soap. Never immerse in water or use harsh cleaning chemicals. Genuine leather (not synthetic, made-made, or leather like material) can be cleaned with mink oil, saddle oil or other leather cleaners.

How do I care for my custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics are an investment intended to last a long time.  When your orthotics aren’t in your shoes, store them with care. Keep them dry and avoid extremes in temperatures. Did you know that most well worn orthotics can be refurbished?

How much do custom orthotics cost?

The best answer we can provide is–it depends. In order to determine if you need custom orthotics, your podiatrist or other healthcare professional will complete an evaluation of your overall health and it may also include a biomechanical exam. Fees for these services vary greatly.

If custom orthotics are indicated, your doctor will select the proper orthotic for you. Are your orthotics for running shoes? Will you wear them at work? Do you have calluses or sores on your feet?  The doctor will select the orthotics and then indicate if additional padding, cut outs, high performance materials, arch support and other additions and accommodations are needed based on your examination and your pathology.

Much like eyeglasses, it’s difficult to say how much they will cost before knowing exactly what you need. We recommend having a discussion with your provider about the cost before ordering your orthotics.

Will insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid cover my custom orthotics?

The honest answer is “we don’t know.”  Every insurance company and provider has different policies relating to covering custom orthotics.  Most providers offer payment plans for any portion that insurance may not cover. Many people consider orthotics an investment in their health and comfort.

Will insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid cover a brace or AFO?

We don’t know that answer. Your doctor or healthcare provider can help you understand what is covered by your insurance and provide options to you, including payment plans, to be sure you get the medical care that you need.

My patient has SOLO orthotics. How do I get them repaired or refurbished?

We are glad to help you get your patients orthotics repaired. Include the repair form with the devices and ship them to SOLO. We’ll contact you with any questions.

Does SOLO offer free scanners?

For those who are new to scanning, we offer a free 60-day trial to become familiar with scanning and the free SOLO viSo app.  During the trial period, we recommend you purchase your iPad ® and camera.  After the 60-days trial, you return the demo unit to SOLO and can download the SOLO viSo app on your own hardware. Learn more about the anti-kickback statutes that prohibits us from offering free scanners beyond the trial period.

Can I work directly with SOLO Labs to get my orthotics repaired, refurbished?

Your orthotics are a prescriptive medical devices. For that reason, SOLO works directly with podiatrists, physical therapists, orthopaedic surgeons and other health professionals who can prescribe the devices. We recommend you make an appointment with your prescribing podiatrist. 

Can I get a second pair of orthotics directly from SOLO?

Please contact your prescribing podiatrist, physical therapist or healthcare profession to order a second pair. Because your custom orthotics are prescription devices, we recommend that your podiatrist confirm that your orthotics prescription is still appropriate for you.