viSo scanning image from SOLO Labs

Tips for a Great Scan with viSo

  1. Start at the medial side of the foot.
  2. Move slowly and pause before beginning to move.
  3. Each time you shift the focal point of the camera pause for a few seconds. This gives the camera extra time to gather additional data points. The result is a superior scan.
  4. Be sure to include the medial, lateral, plantar aspects of the foot, the toes and especially the heel cup.
  5. Practice. After a few scans, you’ll be a pro.
ViSo is SOLO Labs free foot scanning app.

Scanning for custom orthotics is easy with viSo™

SOLO Labs is a leader in foot scanning technology. We’ve taken the foot-scanning technology you know and trust, combined it with a user-friendly app to create the SOLO viSo app.  Save time and money with scanning and relax, our technical support team is ready to answer your questions. It’s not surprising that our customers say “Why didn’t I try foot scanning sooner?”

Why choose the SOLO viSo app for scanning?

  • It’s free! No monthly fee.
  • Eliminate the cost and mess of casting for custom orthotics and select Richie Braces.
  • Hold your orders for insurance approval.
  • Send your orders directly to SOLO. No mailing delays.
  • No inbound shipping costs.

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