Looking for a limited-option orthotic? SOLO Limited offers the most common accommodations.

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When a softer orthotic is needed, select the Premier Accommodative line. It offers all the accommodations and additions you need, on a softer base.

Looking for options for a dress shoe? Select from our our Premier Dress line.

Premier Functional Custom Orthotics

Do you need a functional custom orthotic?  SOLO Premier is the answer.  This functional orthotic allows for complete customization. Choose from a variety of plate materials and thicknesses, including 3D nylon, polypropylene, PRX nylon and graphite.  The SOLO Premier offers an extensive variety of custom paddings and extensions.

SOLO Premier Functional Custom Orthotics are used for plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, bunion/hallux valgus, metatarsalgia and a variety of other foot conditions.


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Top Cover Options

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