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Heidi has been a part of the SOLO family for over 15 years. Trained on-site by one of our now retired CPeds, she has gained practical, valuable knowledge that enables her to provide exceptional service to our physicians.


Kathy is the most recent addition to our customer service team. She brings 38 years of orthotic experience and insight to the team.  When working with her, you will experience a commitment to outstanding service.


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Magan has experience in direct patient care as a CPed, which is an asset when it comes to understanding how to maximize the use and efficiency of custom orthotics and braces in your practice. Her extensive biomechanical education is especially helpful when working through more challenging cases.


We're here to help.

Tracey has been a part of the SOLO Labs family for over 20 years. Years of customer service experience combined with her knowledge of the full manufacturing process enables her to excel at helping our customers gain a thorough understanding of all SOLO has to offer.