SOLO Premier

Heel Spur Orthotic

Pathology-specific orthotic designed for heel spur relief, the HSO provides support and control to help relieve plantar fascial strain while providing functional biomechanical control.

Offered in four different heel pad styles:

Heel pad: in the heel area only with no cutout. Intrinsic heel pad: padding is inserted into a round shell cutout. Carlton pad: placed on the insole from calcaneus to distal. Horseshoe pad: around the perimeter of the heel area.


Heel spurs, plantar fascial strain, chronic heel pain.


Standard width is bisect 1st. Other widths are also available.


Polypropylene, Graphite, Performance RX


Intrinsic forefoot and extrinsic rearfoot posts. Intrinsic rearfoot posts are available.

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flexibility weight chart

Flexibility Weight Chart
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