AeroSpring Richie Brace

Richie AeroSpring System: How It Works

Combining a carbon-fiber, ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) with a custom foot orthosis provides, the Richie Offloading System is an attractive alternative to walking boots for various lower extremity pathologies.

The AeroSpring System controls motion across the ankle joint and specifically off-loads certain structures in the leg, ankle, and foot to allow recovery from injury. Specific systems include:

Three essential components differentiate the Richie AeroSpring System from a walking boot:

  1. A prefabricated, carbon-fiber composite, ankle-foot orthosis that contains a full-length footplate, a lateral strut around the ankle, and an anterior strut along the tibia. The proximal section of the AFO contacts a contoured plate with tibial relief cut out, padding and 2 adjustable anchor straps.
  2. A pair of custom functional foot orthoses. One orthosis is attached to the footplate of the AFO brace and the other orthosis is worn in the contralateral shoe without the AFO.
  3. Heel wedges to neutralize damaging forces on the Achilles tendon, plantar fascia, and midfoot joints.