Richie Brace Aerospring Drop Foot Stability System with wedgefrom SOLO Labs

Richie Midfoot Offloading System™: For Unstable Midfoot Joints

Lisfranc sprains or injuries to the TMT joints are often misdiagnosed, challenging to treat and frequently lead to permanent disability.  Midfoot injuries often require 8–12 weeks of immobilization depending on the severity of the injury. This lightweight, carbon-fiber brace allows easy ambulation while the thin composite footplate does not disrupt leg length. The Richie Midfoot Offloading System can easily be adjusted for driving, making it an alternative to traditional walking boots and walking braces. The Richie Midfoot Offloading System provides:

  • a brace to limit Achilles loading
  • a carbon-fiber footplate to reduce bending movement
  • a custom-contoured foot orthosis provides proper arch support to prevent sagittal plane collapse across the midfoot joints
  • a graduated heel lift system further offloads the Achilles and midfoot joints.

Scan for AFOs with SOLO

Scan for the Richie AeroSpring custom foot orthosis (both feet required) using the SOLO viSO app as an alternative to traditional casting methods.  It’s fast, easy and accurate.  No matter which of the accepted casting methods you choose (plaster splints, STS socks or digital scanning), we have the training tools to assist you.


  • Sprain of the tarsometatarsal (TMT) joints.