Richie Brace Dynamic Assist Brace for SOLO Labs

The Richie Dynamic Assist

The Richie Dynamic Assist brace is a custom-articulated, ankle-foot-orthosis with two spring-like hinges. The medial and lateral hinges provide up to 15 degrees of dorsiflexion of the foot at the ankle joint, during the wing phase of gait.


Ideal for patients with weakness of the dorsiflexor and evertor muscles of the lower leg, including post CVA/stroke, drop foot, Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, diabetic neuropathy, and diabetic Charcot deformity without severe equinus, mild muscular dystrophy, adducto-varus foot deformit / post spinal cord injury.

The Dynamic Assist Brace provides:

  • Dynamic dorsiflexion assist
  • Control of varus/valgus alignment
  • Unrestricted sagittal ankle motion
  • A custom-contoured footplate attachment and semi-rigid limb supports that fit in most shoes.

Brace CAN be used if patient has:

Brace is NOT indicated for patients with:

  • Spasticity of plantar flexors or invertor muscle groups
  • Moderate to severe weakness of plantarflexors
  • Severe equinus ankle dorsiflexion zero degrees or less

The Arch Suspender

The addition of the arch suspender to the Richie Brace Standard provides control over the midtarsal joint of the foot.

Scan for AFOs with SOLO

As an authorized distributor of Richie Braces, SOLO Labs exclusively offers scanning with the SOLO viSo app as an alternative to traditional casting methods.