Richie Gauntlet with medial arch suspender from SOLO Labs

The Richie Gauntlet

The Richie Gauntlet Brace provides varus or valgus control of the hindfoot. This product includes a lifting strap for varus or valgus control, intrinsic balanced AFO shell and extrinsic rearfoot post.


Since 1996, Richie Brace braces have become a trusted name in the orthotics industry. SOLO Laboratories supplies various braces from Richie Brace, that are sure to meet your needs. They offer fit and comfort as well as an easy application and removal process.


  • Rigid, non-reducible Adult Acquired Flatfoot (Stage III & IV)
  • Severe DJD or Deformity of hindfoot
  • Charcot Arthropathy


Casting is required — please follow the STS MID-LEG AFO casting sock instructions. Non-weight & weight bearing casts are accepted.


  • Varus or Valgus lifting strap
  • Intrinsic balanced AFO shell
  • Extrinsic rearfoot post

Colors & Shell Heights

  • Tan & Chocolate
  • 7” & 9″