Richie Brace Solid AFO by SOLO Labs

Richie Brace Solid AFO

The Richie Brace Solid AFO offers a custom balanced footplate with posterior support behind the leg. The trimlines are cut behind the malleoli to avoid potential problem areas. The Solid AFO also features a rearfoot post and extended forefoot padding. Each Richie Brace Solid AFO is custom made to provide a great fit for you.

  • Correction of varus/valgus forefoot deformaties
  • Control hindfoot inversion/eversion
  • For comfort and accommodation of plantar lesions

Scan for AFO's with SOLO

Scan for the Richie Solid AFO using the SOLO viSO app as an alternative to traditional casting methods.  It’s fast, easy and accurate.  No matter which of the accepted casting methods you choose (plaster splints, STS socks or digital scanning), we have the training tools to assist you.

Casting or scanning is required at least 1 inch above device height you select. We recommend measuring from the floor up, marking the posterior leg, as well as the medial and lateral malleoli before scanning or casting.

A “good” scan or cast must capture:

  • plantar contours
  • the medial and lateral malleolus
  • posterior heel and lower leg higher than the desired height of the brace
  • a solid scan or cast without holes or voided areas


  • Severe Dropfoot (with fixed equinus, knee instability, spasticity or weak calf)