SOLO Advance Articulating Gauntlet from SOLO Labs

SOLO Advance ® Articulating Gauntlet AFO

The SOLO Advance Articulating Gauntlet offers a choice of several color options, a closure at any height, and the Dorsi-Assist joint option.


Clinical Indications


  • Closure Choices – All laces, laces with speed hooks, all Velcro® or combination (Laces with Velcro at top)
  • Accommodations – Styloid Pad, Navicular Pad, Plastazote Lining, Metatarsal Pad, Soft Spot Padding (specify location), Gel Fill
  • 1/8th Polypropylene Shell
  • Color options – Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Beige, Light Beige, Wine, Bone, White, Denim
  • Height – 7″ or 9″


Casting is required and recommended 2 inhes above device. Measure from the floor up and mark the malleoli. STS mid-leg casting sock is the appropriate height in most cases.

Suggested Billing Codes and Reimbursement Rate

  • L1970 – ($799.03) Ankle foot orthosis with plastic ankle joint, custom fabricated
  • L2820 – ($80.43) Addition to lower extremity orthosis, soft insert for molded plastic, below knee section
  • L2330 – ($443.25) Addition to lower extremity, lacer molded to patient model, for custom fabricated orthosis only