SOLO Orthotics For Diabetics

When toes are at stake, depend on SOLO to help your patients put their best feet forward.

Freedom Premolded Orthotics by Redi-Thotics

Your active or moderately active diabetic patients will enjoy the comfort and support of the Redi-Thotics Freedom premolded orthotic. This affordable option is great for those who are not covered by the therapeutic shoe bill.

Accommodative Orthotics

Every diabetic patient has unique needs. That’s why SOLO offers seven different options.

  • MD I, MD II, MD III These lightweight devices are total contact othoses.
  • Eva Mold or Cork Mold Ideal for both shock absorption and longitudinal support.
  • Leather Balancer or Leather Shaffer Providing extra stability, the Balancer offers a deeper heel cup and the Shaffer offers a medial flange for additional support.

Relief Orthotics

The most sensitive diabetic feet depend on Relief and Relief+ by SOLO. The A5513 inserts are indicated for Type I and Type II diabetics with pre-ulcerative calluses, diabetic ulcers, poor circulation, and partial amputations of either foot.

Performance RX
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