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As one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of custom prescription orthotics and foot and ankle braces, we have built our reputation on manufacturing quality products, exceptional service and an enduring commitment to helping patients and doctors improve their lives.

Our philosophy is echoed in our name SOLO: Serve Others, Love Others. SOLO Laboratories has grown to be one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers in the foot care industry.

Manufacturing started during 1983 in a one-room building with no indoor plumbing or heat. All molded casts were poured with plaster which yielded excellent orthotics, but took a substantial amount of time and storage space. Since winter threatened the garden hose, our source of water, SOLO moved to a dairy farm with a few modern amenities.

As the business grew, we needed more space. In 1989, we purchased land and construction began on our first building. The problem of storage space for casts continued. In 1994 we purchased a CAD/CAM system. This system stored and calculated all technical data electronically for the less complicated orders allowing us to create superior orthotic devices quickly and accurately. Not only did this streamline procedures, but it introduced long-term electronic storage of casts. In 2001, another larger building was added to expand operations.

After developing the TOM-CAT scanner, In 2006, SOLO became the first lab to receive orders electronically via the TOM-CAT Foot Scanner,  eliminating the time and cost of shipping molded casts.

In 2010, SOLO began developing CAD/CAM technology to completely replace poured plaster molds. After four years and hundreds of software versions, SOLO is now able to duplicate the most complicated plaster casts electronically. We continue to be the leader in corrections software and set the standard for quality craftsmanship and engineering.

Today, we combine the CAD/CAM technology with the convenience of the iTOM-CAT scanner  to continue to be leaders in the foot scanning technology.

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