Dr. Karen Langone relies on Performance RX for her patients. She considers it one of the best innovations in orthotics.

Yes, I want Performance RX for my patients


Engineered nylon is one of the strongest, thinnest orthotic shell materials available.

Manufactured variable thickness shells.

Performance Rx material in semi-flexible, semi-rigid and rigid
Performance RX material for custom orthotics by SOLO Labs


  • Does not fatigue,creep or settle over time.
  • More than twice the strength of ploypropylene.
  • Extremely high impact strength.
  • Excellent for constant stress-bending and flexing.
  • Low profile fits most shoes.


The resistance of a material to a force tending to tear it apart, measured as the maximum tension the material can withstand without tearing.

Graph of strength comparing polypropylene to Performance Rx, engineered nylon.


The ability to resist deformation under load.

Tensile strength of performance RX custom orthotic material