Richie Brace Soccer brace from SOLO Labs

Richie Brace Soccer

The Richie Brace Soccer is a custom ankle brace that incorporates a shin-guard for soccer practice and competition. This brace is a specialized version of the Richie Brace, a custom articulated ankle foot orthosis. The Richie Brace Soccer includes custom, balanced functional foot orthosis articulated at the ankle with a semi-rigid ankle brace.

  • Control of first ray, midtarsal and subtalar joints
  • Pure, unrestricted sagittal ankle motion
  • Control of ankle inversion/eversion
  • Control of tibial rotation on foot
  • Optimal shoe fit

Scan for AFOs with SOLO

As an authorized distributor of Richie Braces, SOLO Labs exclusively offers scanning with the SOLO viSo app as an alternative to traditional casting methods.  It’s fast, easy and accurate.  No matter which of the accepted casting methods you choose (plaster splints, STS socks or digital scanning), we have the training tools to assist you.