Use Top Covers to Promote Your Practice

Communicate Your Brand with Private Label Top Covers

With a private label top cover, your customers see your name at least twice a day-when they put on their shoes and when they take them off. That’s great exposure for your practice moves his orthotics from one pair of shoes to another, he sees your name and may consider a second pair.

Craft Your Message

There is a limited amount of printed space on the orthotics, so you need to decide what to include.Here Smith’s practice when the group name is This Town Podiatry Group.

  • Phone number. Make it easy to call your office.
  • Website. It’s an easy way for people to find you. It’s especially important if your practice name is This Town Podiatry, but your website is or
  • Locations. For some practices showing various locations is important. Others it may not matter.
  • Physician Names. If you have three or few physicians, it’s something to consider. If it’s more than that, it will be too small and cluttered.

Choose Your Color

Match your top cover material to a color that you use in your practice to help reinforce your band. Or consider a bold or bright color so your message gets noticed. A bright color is easy to see from a distance and decreases the possibility that the orthotics are accidentally discarded when the shoes are tossed into the trash. Dark-colored top cover material requires light-colored printing to be visible from the viewing distance. The inside of shoes appears dark, even in a well-lighted room.

Do Private Label Top Covers Make Sense for My Practice?

It’s a cost-effective branding, marketing and advertising opportunity if you prescribe at least 10 pairs per month. Each order yields approximately 400 pairs. If you’ve never considered private label top covers, it’s worth investigating. SOLO does all the work, you get all the business. Contact us today at for your free quote on private label covers.