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The Arch Suspender

The Arch Suspender is a new, patent pending invention that provides a powerful adjustable control over the midtarsal joint of the human foot. The medial arch suspender stabilizes the talonavicular joint while the lateral arch suspender stabilizes the calcaneal-cuboid joint. The combined use of the medial and the lateral arch suspender provides an Arch Hammock for comprehensive control and stability of the entire rearfoot-ankle complex.

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  • Medial: Stage II or III PTTD with sublexed T-N joint
  • Lateral: Peroneal tendinopathy and fixed varus deformity of hindfoot/ankle


  • Arch suspender fully adjustable
  • Transverse and frontal plane control of foot
  • Control of ankle inversion or eversion
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flexibility weight chart

Flexibility Weight Chart
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