Richie AeroSpring

Richie Brace Aerospring Offloading System

Walking boots (also called walking casts) have long been the standard of care for Achilles tendon rupture, Achilles tendinopathy, plantar heel syndrome, sprain, and arthritis of the midfoot joints. The Richie Brace Aerospring Offloading System addresses and eliminates the most common reasons of poor patient compliance compared to a traditional walking cast.

Compare the the Richie Brace AeroSpring system to a walking boot or walking brace
Richie AeroSpring System(AFO)Walking Boot/Walking Brace/Walking Cast
WeightLightweight and more flexibleHeavy, clumsy, bulky, and more rigid
Leg-LengthNo leg-length discrepancySignificant leg-length discrepancy
GaitNear normal gaitSignificant gait disturbance
DrivingAble to drive a car with brace in placeCan not drive a car with brace in place
BalanceMinimal impact on balanceSignificant impact on balance
Foot supportTotal foot support and alignmentNo foot support
Tendon LoadingDynamic tendon loadingDynamic tendon loading
Ankle ContactRelief notch to avoid pressure on the tibial tuberosity and patellar tendon.Contact and pressure at the ankle