Refurbishing Your Custom Orthotics

 Did you know that SOLO orthotics can usually be refurbished?  

SOLO’s quality craftsmanship is designed to last for years. But even the best custom orthotics need to be refreshed. Whether your custom orthotics are well worn over the years or perhaps have been in the back of the closet for a decade, refurbishing orthotics is a great way to get the benefits of a new pair of orthotics while being budget-friendly.

How do you know if your custom orthotics need to be refurbished? Here are some telltale signs.

  1. The top cover has pulled away or is pulling away from the shell.
  2. The top cover is cracked, has a hole in it, or is heavily worn.
  3. If the heel or forefoot posting is worn away. (Not all orthotics have posting)

Should I refurbish orthotics that have not been worn in years?

Your custom orthotics were handcrafted for you. For some people, a refurbished pair will continue to be a great fit. Others may need some modifications. Pregnancy, certain medical conditions like diabetes, lower extremity injuries or surgeries, and changes in weight are just a few of the reasons your orthotics may need some modification. We recommend having your prescriber confirm that the prescription is appropriate for your needs.  

My prescriber retired or I no longer live in that town. Now what?

SOLO’s ‘Find A Doctor’ program can help you find a doctor in your area. Or, simply take your custom orthotics to any podiatrist and we will work directly with the doctor to get them refurbished.

What is involved in refurbishing orthotics?

When your orthotics arrive, we remove the worn soft components. This includes things like the top cover and padding. If needed, we will remove posting material. The original plate is cleaned up. We add new padding, accommodations and a new top cover. If the arch reinforcement and/or posting is worn, we will replace that. After that, your refurbished orthotics are like new and may require a breaking in period, especially if you have not worn them in a few years.

Having your prescriber involved will assure that you get the best fit and most comfort from your orthotics.

Looking for a doctor who can help you get your orthotics refurbished? Ask SOLO.



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