Today’s iTOM-CAT scanner uses the familiar iPad® tablet to quickly scan your patient’s foot, in your office or in their home, with a minimal investment and maximum results. Whether you’re scanning for custom orthotics or AFOs, the iTOM-CAT is your key to saving both time and money at your office. Now scanning for selected Richie Braces including Richie Brace Standard ® , Dynamic Assist ®Arch Suspender ® and Restricted Hinge Brace.


Why choose iTOM-CAT scanning over casting?

  • It’s easy, fast and accurate. Your scans go directly into our corrections software.
  • No casting material or time spent casting. No mess!
  • No inbound shipping costs.


 iTOM-CAT  allows me to capture a superior image of the foot, allowing the foot to be in neutral and plantarflex the first metatarsal head. My patients are benefitting from the iTOM-CAT with quicker resolution of their issues.  I highly recommend this technology.”

Karen A. Langone, DPM, FACFAOM, FAAPSM Southampton, NY

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