About Solo Laboratories

Solo labs manufacture custom orthotics that serve the needs of podiatrists,orthotists, sports medicine, professionals, orthopedic surgeons and their patients, and improves their quality of life.

Custom Orthotics

Solo Labs provides custom orthotics that are designed specifically for your patients needs.

Custom Braces

SOLO Laboratories offers braces from trusted companies including Richie Brace.

TOM-CAT Foot Scanner

The iTOM-CAT will change the way you treat your patients, all while increasing your productivity and profits.

SOLO Laboratories, Inc.


Consistently since 1983, we have provided medical professionals and their patients with superior products and services. Our team of long-standing, dedicated employees has been instrumental in our growth.

The fantastic growth SOLO has experienced has not been due to luck. From the beginning, our senior partners have each committed to allowing God and His Word to guide the way we do business.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you and invite you to become a part of the SOLO family of satisfied customers.

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