• Let the Sunshine In

    Let the Sunshine In

    At SOLO, Serve Others, Love Others extends beyond our four walls and onto our roof. Thanks to the installation of 176 solar panels in early 2017, SOLO produces solar energy to subsidize our energy usage. The panels are located on roof of our building and face…

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  • U is for UCBL

    U is for UCBL

    It’s called UCBL because this style of custom orthotic was designed in 1967 at University of California Biomechanics Lab, or sometimes referred to as the University of California Berkeley Labs. This rigid, plastic arch support is designed to correct the position…

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  • T is for Toe Crest

    T is for Toe Crest

    A toe crest is a crescent-shaped piece of padding that sits at the sulcus region to lift and separate the toes.  It provides support for curled toes and relieves pressure and friction to help prevent or relieve corns and calluses. A toe crest pad can help prevent…

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  • S is for SOLO

    S is for SOLO

    Where were you in 1983? Perhaps you were learning Lotus 1-2-3 (ask your Mom) or learning the newly launched Microsoft Word. Swatch watches were all the rage and it’s true, Spandau Ballet didn’t have any ballerinas.       In 1983, Barry Sokol, started…

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