• B is for Buttress

    B is for Buttress

    Buttress, toe filler, amp — we know it by all of these names. A buttress is Plastazote® material used as a filler for amputations. Custom orthotics with buttresses require precision fitting and extra steps to ensure the best outcome for the patient. A hallux…

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  • A is for Arch

    A is for Arch

    Let’s start 2020 on the right foot. As a busy professional, it’s easy to get bogged down in your day-to-day responsibilities and forget all the options available to you to reduce pain and eliminate medical complications using custom orthotics. In this series,…

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  • Plantar Fasciitis:  All In a Day’s Work

    Plantar Fasciitis: All In a Day’s Work

    Your patient has all the symptoms of plantar fasciitis: Stiffness and pain in the foot in the morning or after resting that often gets worse as the day progresses. Pain when climbing stairs or standing on their toes. Pain when standing for long periods of time….

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