• Let’s Bag That Idea

    Let’s Bag That Idea

    Suede bottom covers play an important role in the manufacturing of custom orthotics at SOLO.  We use suede to provide a protective, finished surface on our Premier Functional line of custom orthotics. Each piece of suede is carefully examined to avoid blemishes,…

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  • What do Eyeglasses,and Orthotics Have in Common?

    What do Eyeglasses,and Orthotics Have in Common?

    It’s no joke that all three of these items are considered eligible expenses under Flexible Spending Plans (FSA) or Health Savings Account. As the year comes to a close, you may be required to use funds in your FSA plan or risk losing the money in your account….

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  • Richie Brace Offloading System

    Richie Brace Offloading System

    In this second post of the series, Dr. Richie explains how the Richie Brace AeroSpring Offloading System may provide new opportunities for podiatrists. How do you see AeroSpring changing the podiatry field? I truly believe that podiatrists already prescribe…

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