• Podiatry Management’s Profiles in Excellence

    This article was originally published in the April/May 2023 issue of Podiatry Management.   SOLO Laboratories: 40 Years and the Legacy Continues By Iris Erickson When Barry Sokol and two other partners co-founded SOLO in 1983, he never expected it to become…

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  • Do You Know the SOLO Story?

    Like most businesses, we rarely take time to look back at where we started and what we accomplished. Founded in 1983 by Barry Sokol, Bruce Gernert and Randy Schlenker, SOLO had humble beginnings. Yet, they were determined to manufacture high quality, custom…

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  • Why a Higher Calling Means Better Results For You.

    Why a Higher Calling Means Better Results For You.

    SOLO’s name is an acronym for Serve Others, Love Others. Founded in 1983, Barry Sokol selected the name because it represented his core values for the business: providing outstanding service to others, and caring for others by providing great quality custom…

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  • Do You Know The Meaning of SOLO?

    Do You Know The Meaning of SOLO?

    In this installment of SOLO’s history, we ask SOLO founder, Barry Sokol to share how SOLO got its name. Finding the right name for the business is important. Barry Sokol, SOLO’s principal founder, wanted a name that was more than just a word or words. He…

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