• Richie AeroSpring Offloading System

    Richie AeroSpring Offloading System

    In this series, Dr. Doug Richie explains the AeroSpring Offloading System and how it compares to traditional walking boots. What makes AeroSpring a system and how does that compare to a walking brace? The Richie Brace Offloading System has three components:…

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  • Save The Toes

    Save The Toes

    November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. At SOLO, we work to promote healthy feet and toes all year long. Staying active is an important step in managing diabetes. At SOLO, we help physicians manage the sensitive feet of diabetic patients. Prevention…

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  • Cleaning up and Helping Out

    Cleaning up and Helping Out

    It’s the graveyard of good intentions. The storage area of our business. Things get tucked away in a corner, filed away in a cabinet or boxed up for. . . well, for later.   At SOLO, we recently decided to organize our storage area and remove those items we…

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  • Little Richie

    Little Richie

    We asked Dr. Doug Richie to tell us about his work with children. What inspired you to create the Little Richie Brace for children? It was a natural progression after the success of the adult Standard Richie Brace. Since the number one clinical indication for…

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