• L is for Lifts

    L is for Lifts

    Give your patient a lift. A heel lift is attached to the bottom of the extrinsic rearfoot post. There may be times when it’s beneficial to bevel the lift to the end of the shells to create a smoother transition to the forefoot. When it comes to heel lifts…

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  • K is for Kirby Skive

    K is for Kirby Skive

    You may call it a Kirby Skive or a medial heel skive. This interesting accommodation is constructed by removing small amounts of the medial portion of the plantar heel of the positive cast of the foot to create a varus wedging effect within the heel cup of the…

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  • Recycling our Wood Scrap: It’s a Bright Idea

    Recycling our Wood Scrap: It’s a Bright Idea

    Last year, SOLO Laboratories created approximately 42 tons (84,000 pounds) of wood waste from our milled wood casts, frames, and other wood scrap. Thanks to our partnership with Zwicky Processing & Recycling in the neighboring town of Fleetwood, Pa., we…

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  • I is for iTOM-CAT™ Scanner

    I is for iTOM-CAT™ Scanner

    Sure, we could tell you why the iTOM-CAT™ scanner is great when ordering custom orthotics. But here are three reasons not to use it. You will miss the mess and cost of plaster casts and socks. The iTOM-CAT™  is quick and easy. Turn on the iPad and you’re…

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